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Technische Daten des AIR3 7.2


17.03.2020 Update AIR3 7.2 - XCTrack 0.9.4-beta and AIR³ Manager 1.95

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New Software upgrades available for AIR³

A/ New main features for XCTrack: Custom sound & Airspaces shading

XCTrack 0.9.4-beta: check XCTrack change log

Check the "Software Upgrade Instructions" page here As indicated in the instructions, please use "File Manager" app to locate the downloaded APK in "Myfavorite" folder and install it. We recommand to install both the new XCTrack 0.9.4-beta and AIR³ Manager 1.95. Once both apps are installed, reach the menu of AIR³ Manager, click on "XCTrack interface", then click on "reset" and confirm. Launch XCTrack so that the specific default settings will be taken into account.


 B/ "Call Management issue" with AIR³ 7.2: contact us for firmware update if needed.Some AIR³ 7.2 units suffer from an issue linked to Call Management. With these units, making a call with the dial pad is no problem, but making a call from another application generates an error “Call Management has stopped”. For example, making a call from XCTrack or from Contacts. To identify if you face this problem,just create a contact in Contacts app and try to make a call to this contact from Contacts app (requires a SIM card).
As it is an Android related issue, these units require to update the firmware. If you don’t suffer from this problem, or if you are not using such feature, we don’t recommend to update the firmware. If you want to update the firmware, please contact us and we will send you a procedure.