Der FUSION von FLOW steht in den Startlöchern. Ich erwarte einen sehr interessanten C-Schirm mit grossem Streckenflugpotential. Die ersten Auslieferungen in den oberen Grössen haben stattgefunden. Die Grösse S folgt im November 19. Ich bringe hier den Originaltext von Félipe…

Fusion is an EN C glider which offers breakthrough technology. The first ever certified hybrid 3 to 2 liner with real rear riser steering. A new level of connection glider x pilot only experienced on “2 liners” before now on EN C class.


The Fusion was designed to be a performance orientated paraglider. Equipped not only with smart design solutions and modern technology to enhance performance but also to have the highest level of safety in one package. Special attention was given on the handling, especially the turning ability in thermals. We are simply delighted by how the glider flies and it is hands down one of the more pleasant gliders we’ve ever flown, simply a joy to fly.


As the name suggests, we have fused the technology learnt from our performance 2-liners, the XCRacer and Spectra and combined them in an accessible package. The Fusion is a hybrid 3 to 2 liner where we used the best of both technologies in one glider. The Fusion has its race pedigree on a obedient platform allowing increased levels of safety and glider control.


On cascade one and two we have a traditional 3 liner layout and on the outermost cascade, we have a 2-liner layout. To combine those 2 distinct line-layouts we designed a sophisticated yet simple to use risers.


Fusion’s revolutionary riser setup brings the connection Pilot x glider to the C class, only experienced on 2-liners before. Fusion rear riser controls and steering is exactly the same as a 2-liner


The C toggles will help the pilot feel more connected to the glider while gliding at speed. Fusion risers allow the pilot to fly the glider while on bar changing AoA rather than distorting the profile. The result is a more enjoyable and efficient exercise and less need to come off the bar to use the brakes in severe turbulence.


We opted to use a  pitch stable air-foil translating to a much more enjoyable experience. which gives to the package a glider which is less prone to collapses and oscillations, so the pilot is let do concentrate on what is more important, to read the conditions and fly with a freer mind.


The combination of all the design solution and technology results in a glider which is both a dream to fly but with an excellent level of true-performance of its class.


Und ganz neu: FLOW FUSION überzeugt mit einem sehr soliden Gütesiegeltest  mehr